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  • 614 Kč - 1,031 Kč

Mister B Electrosex

Mister B Electrosex


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Mister B Electro Pin Wheel

This electrical pinwheel has got small relatively sharp points that can be quite nasty! We do this one now also in a double version as bi-polar toy!
1,134 Kč
Usually within 3 working days. In stock at the supplier
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Mister B Silicone Bi-Polar Plug

This soft bi-polar buttplug is made from silicone-rubber. Two conductive strips run on either side of this plug.Height 13.5 cm, 3 cm wide.Not supplied without leads. This plug has 2 mm pinholes.Softer, cheaper, and easy to connect!
1,247 Kč
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